Andrea Koeppel
Principal/Creative Director

Andrea’s philosophy as owner and creative director of Ocreative Design Studio is that good creative captures attention but great creative captures both attention and results.

An award-winning graphic designer, Andrea founded Ocreative in 2003. She saw a need for bold creative that could be integrated not only into traditional media, but also into the growing web market to produce interest, excitement and results. Initially, Andrea ran Ocreative as a one-woman show, in which she wore every hat, juggled every ball and managed to keep it all going successfully… so successfully that she attracted more and more satisfied clients. The agency’s diverse client base has grown over the past 10 years to include everything from small businesses to non profits to multimillion dollar corporations. As a result of her success, she was happily forced to give up her solo act and build a strong team of creative thinkers and developers.

Andrea knows what a significant impact color can have on a company's product and brand. She honed in on our natural abilities with color and is a certified color consultant trained under International color guru, Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. 

When she isn’t creating amazing color palettes and test driving typefaces on her Mac (collecting examples of lowercase g is her personal favorite), you will find her donating time to her other passions: volunteering in the community and giving back to non-profits.

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Andrea Koeppel, Principal/Creative Director