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In 2003, we began as one of the early pioneers of digital marketing in the Midwest. Bright and honest, we carved out a specialization for ourselves and our trusting clients. Along the way, Ocreative became recognized as an award-winning, full-service, integrated marketing agency. Our office is located in heart of the Midwest, and our clients are located throughout the United States from Hawai‘i to Massachusetts. We get big results for our clients and that puts big smiles on all our faces. Our portfolio expertly includes:

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Is Print Dead, or Not?

October 18th, 2017|Comments Off on Is Print Dead, or Not?

With the new developments in technology over the last few years, the phrase “print is dead” has been uttered with more frequency. While, yes, digital design and content are becoming more popular with each new advancement, people of every age still value print content and the benefits that come along with it. […]

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An Overview of Typography

October 12th, 2017|Comments Off on An Overview of Typography

In its essence, typography is how a word looks, including what font (typeface) it is set in, what color it is, and how dramatic and decorative, or how practical, it is. The possibilities are almost endless, especially when you consider hand-lettering (the process of creating letters by hand) and the continual creation of new fonts […]

The Google Nonprofit Program: Advertise for Free on Google Adwords

September 21st, 2017|Comments Off on The Google Nonprofit Program: Advertise for Free on Google Adwords

If you are a for-impact organization/nonprofit, Google gives your organization the opportunity to advertise on their Google Adwords platform for free. Yes, that’s right; we said free. This is an excellent opportunity to get your message out to the world and inform people about your cause. […]

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