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Ocreative, an award-winning integrated marketing agency located just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We specialize in helping B2B manufacturing, professional services, and for-impact non-profit agencies with all facets of their marketing, branding, and digital storytelling.

Hackathons and 21st Century Programmers

Let's start with square one:  What on earth is a Hackathon? To put it simply: a Hackathon is collective code creation or collective programming. As a web developer (or web programmer, if you prefer), I find this concept to be very exciting. Besides being a fun learning experience for programmers and an efficient way to develop an application rapidly, [...]

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What language are you speaking?

Certain industries seem to thrive upon developing obscure acronyms, annoying abbreviations, and specialized terms that outsiders are not likely to understand. The use of this specialized language, often referred to as jargon, has the potential to create huge communication problems when business spans across different industries. Whether you notice it or not, no matter what [...]

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