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5 Fast Tips to Dominate Tradeshows in 2019

As 2018 ends, 2019 will bring with it a new year of trade shows and [...]

The Relationship Between Local Businesses & Ad Agencies

Imagine a world where only the four most-populated cities in the United States were allowed [...]

The History of Marketing in Under 5 Minutes

Sometimes we just need a break from the stress of our work day. Four-day weeks [...]

Rebranding: The Inevitability of Change

We have seen a lot of rebranding lately – everything from Nabisco freeing their historic [...]

Out-Of-Home Advertising in 2018

Until recently, two unique features set out-of-home (OOH) advertising apart from other forms of media in the industry – its minimal content requirements and large presence in a physical place. In the past, OOH’s single focus was on location placement without excessive regard to the content of the piece. With advancements in technology and the growing presence of digital screens in public places, the OOH arena is evolving fast. […]

Plagiarism vs Copyright – Quick Tips to Keep Your Content Legal

Plagiarism, however, is not the only violation content developers need to keep in mind; copyright violation – particularly through image sharing, is quite common and can lead to legal action and fines. So what is the difference? In this article we will review the difference between plagiarism and copyright and give you a few tips on why it is important to keep your content legal and how to do so. […]

Google Ads: New Features You Need to Know

At the end of July, Google officially transitioned from Google Adwords to Google Ads and rolled out a few new features. The term “Google Ads” intentionally drops “words” from the title to better encompass the advertising solutions provided by Google outside of their search term-based Pay Per Click (PPC) functions such as web display, video, and in-app features. In this article, we dive into the most exciting changes Google made for the average business to utilize. […]

Content Marketing: What it is and Why Use it

Year after year, content marketing continues to rise in popularity. Consumers are paying less attention to traditional advertising efforts and are now drawn to authenticity, transparency and value, paving the way for the creation and rise of content marketing. […]

Instagram Stories For Businesses

Instagram Stories is a feature on the social media app that allows users to post photos or videos that last only 24 hours. As the stories feature continues to grow in both active users and features, so do the opportunities for businesses. Instagram Stories has proven to be an effective marketing tool for businesses when optimized correctly. […]

Promotional Items: Brand Awareness That Lasts

While the idea of creating promotional items seems relatively easy, there are some pitfalls companies should avoid when designing their promotional item campaign. Avoid using items that most people have seen or receive regularly, choose items based on your brand, and give out items that make sense to your target audience. […]

Automatic Image Sliders or Carousels: More Confusing Than Informative

Website developers continually seek new and innovative ways to display information that reaches audiences in an efficient and effective way. Occasionally, usability and design meet to create a new layout or format that revolutionizes the way websites are built. Some updates, however, seem useful in theory, but are not in practice. One recent trend uses automatic image sliders or carousels that seem useful for providing a large amount of information while taking up limited space above-the-fold. […]

Email Marketing Part III: Formatting for Success

Once your platform is set up and you have selected the strategies that work best to optimize your marketing efforts, it is time to write the content. Based on the current email marketing landscape, the following formatting trends are crucial to the usability and ROI of modern digital communication initiatives. […]

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