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QR Codes in Marketing

QR Codes connect the printed real world with online virtual world. Have you heard the [...]

Making a Mobile Experience a Good One

Nine out of ten smartphone searches result in the users taking action. You heard it [...]

Prepare an Online Marketing Strategy for Your Business

It's not all just about the PC desktop or the Mac desktop anymore. Consumers are [...]

AP Stylebook Changes E-mail to Email – A Welcomed Change!

The AP Stylebook has changed E-mail to just email, without the hyphen in the middle! [...]

Hackathons and 21st Century Programmers

Let's start with square one:  What on earth is a Hackathon? To put it simply: a Hackathon [...]

How to Manage All of Your Social Media Accounts

When people are stepping into social media, sometimes people can feel overwhelmed with how to [...]

Representing Yourself on Social Media Platforms

Last week, we talked about how social media was just a fancy name for "ways [...]

Ocreative Attending unGEEKED Elite – Nat’l Social Media, Marketing and Branding Open Forum

Ocreative Design Studio is excited to announce that Andrea Koeppel, Principal at Ocreative Design Studio, [...]

Understanding Google Analytics – Your Website Traffic Report Archived

This blog article has been updated for 2016. Check out the new article here: [...]

Social Media and Mobile Marketing is a Reality; Is Your Business Ready?

Social media and mobile marketing are growing at an accelerated rate. It is not a [...]

Focus Local, Spend Less and Increase Qualified Leads

Are the majority of your customers within 50 miles of your business location? Do you [...]

5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Right for Your Business

I have been seeing more and more of 'How to use: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter' [...]

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