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Our Most Popular Articles of 2017

In celebration of 2018, we've put together our top 18 articles of 2017. Thank you to all of you for your support. Our clients, readers, and watchers have helped to make it a great year at Ocreative, and we are so grateful for all of you. We hope 2017 was just as fun, exciting, and profitable for you.

Breaking Down Corporate Branding

What is branding? Branding is about the promise of a distinct, memorable experience. It's about creating an expectation and delivering it consistently every time anyone comes into contact with your brand. It's how you make your customers feel about themselves and their decisions when they are interacting with your brand.

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The Evolution of a Brand

As the philosophers say, change is the only constant in life. Life is flux, and people evolve to progress. The brands that people depend on need to evolve, too. Logo identity is a vital part of any company’s brand. A brand sets the company's tone, image, and expectations.

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Brand Photography

Having the right imagery to complement your brand can help increase recognition, as well as capture the attention of more viewers. However, it is important to take the time to determine the kind of imagery that will make sense in association with your name, as well as how to use the imagery to its best effect.

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An Overview of Typography

In its essence, typography is how a word looks, including what font (typeface) it is set in, what color it is, and how dramatic and decorative, or how practical, it is. The possibilities are almost endless, especially when you consider hand-lettering (the process of creating letters by hand) and the continual creation of new fonts

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The Importance of Email Signatures

Having an email signature is like handing a person a business card every time you send an email. You want it to look professional and show your company’s personality. You wouldn’t just hand a prospective client a scrap of blank paper with your contact information scrawled on it, would you? No way! Email signatures can [...]

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