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Email marketing is your solution for a cost-effect marketing tool that engages and reaches your ideal audience. By creating engaging and personalized content, you appeal to your ideal audience and gain more conversions. Ocreative can help you create personalized and targeted email campaigns to ensure the best ROI. Take a look at these stats to show how effective email marketing can be:

Broad Blast vs. Laser Targeted

A “broad blast” email campaign is generally not preferred as it doesn’t involve much targeting. It involves sending the same email to everyone on your email address list, perceived to be more like email spam. To ensure a successful email marketing campaign, “laser targeted” emails are the way to create email marketing campaigns that convert. By tailoring your email lists according to your audience’s demographics, interests or behavior, you are appealing to them on a more personal level. Marketing Automation is a way to do this on a higher level.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation dives deeper into your audience’s behavior and interests. You also are able to measure your ROI more accurately by tracking sales number and applying them to know marketing costs. Marketing automation bridges the gap between marketing and sales and through email analytics, campaign tracking and behavior tracking, you are able to send an email right when your audience needs it.
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