Project Description


As the company continues to evolve, BEVCO Precision Mfg. needed an updated product catalog that was easy to read, showcased their seating solutions, and provided their clients with an easy-to-use tool for choosing options and creating part numbers to ordering seating.

The challenge was to find a clean and simple way to display not only the products but all of the different options of styles, heights, materials and accessories.

The International award winning publication was effectively accomplished by creating an industry-leading look that modernized how the seating was presented. The look is clean, concise and treats the chairs and stools like works of art. A visual for building part numbers and a step-by-step visual guide for placing orders was developed for inclusion in the catalog.

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About the Award

In October 2016, the catalog won a bronze award from the 46th annual Creativity International Awards. The Creativity International Design Awards is one of the longest running, independent advertising and graphic design competitions. See the winning publication on the award website.

About the Client

BEVCO Precision Mfg. creates ergonomic environments through unique seating solutions. The company manufactures a broad range of ergonomic standard task/office, ESD, Cleanroom and ESD/Cleanroom seating solutions for all markets. All BEVCO products are carefully manufactured, tested, and inspected in their manufacturing facility in Waukesha, Wisconsin.