Project Description

Silver Award of DistinctionManufacturing Website – BEVCO Precision Mfg.

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BEVCO, a premier manufacturer of safe, ergonomic, quality seating solutions was seeking a partner to develop a new website that highlights their dedicated team of operators and their hand-crafted products built right here in the Midwest. Because they offer a wide range of seating solutions that accommodate myriad environmental requirements for specific industries, they also needed a custom product number generator to help distributors find the exact product number for each seating variation.

To achieve these goals, Ocreative did a deep dive into BEVCO’s operating procedures and products to learn as much as possible. Once we had a strong understanding of BEVCO’s operations we used this information in combination with market research to formulate an intuitive user experience through streamlined navigation and specific content structure strategically addressing their main goals. The Ocreative team chose custom text callouts and used thoughtfully curated typefaces to draw the user’s eye to important information. Our design team worked with BEVCO to gain access to their in-house image assets and enhanced their photography to match the aesthetics of the new design. We used photos that showed line operators at work to highlight both the facility and their dedicated team.

Our development team used custom coding to create a product number generator that uses conditional logic across several variables to aid distributors in building the correct product numbers for their clients’ needs. An important part of this project was to ensure that all of the variable data was correct and that there was no way for users to arrive at an incorrect number. This led to an advanced feature of the system that removes users’ options based on the earlier selections that they made. Through project coordination, data analysis, and user testing Ocreative built a product number generator capable of calculating thousands of variations based on specific industry needs.

The final product not only set the standard for a beautifully-designed manufacturing site, it also created an integral user interface for BEVCO’s distributors, streamlining their internal ordering process.