Project Description

Schilke Logo

Schilke reached out to Ocreative because the company was seeking a new website that could showcase the excellent craftsmanship in its trumpets, trombones, and mouthpieces, and artists using Schilke instruments.

After conversations with the owners and a tour of the company to see firsthand how the instruments were crafted, Ocreative identified the brand’s attributes and learned the company’s rich history.

The historic logo featured a trumpet above the lettering. The company had expanded beyond trumpets, so the logo did not entirely represent that expansion. We refreshed the logo—unveiled in the fall of 2014—by redrawing and retaining the historic and familiar Schilke lettering and adding a contemporary element. In essence, we merged the historical and contemporary into a seal that can be reproduced on many surfaces and collateral items. There was much brand loyalty and investment in the historic hues of black, red, and warm-colored metals, so our color expert recommended those sophisticated colors remain because they suited the target audience.


About the Client

Schilke Music Products Inc. is a world leader in trumpet design and a manufacturer of fine brass instruments and mouthpieces. Established in 1956 by Renold Schilke, the Chicago-based company continues to craft professional mouthpieces for the semipro and professional markets.