Project Description


The United Neighborhood Centers of America (UNCA) sought an agency partner to design and develop an e-book that visually highlighted a more extensive white paper titled “Recipes for Rising Neighborhoods.”

Success stories, strategies, and lessons learned from the featured organizations on each of the six recipes within the e-book were viewed online, shared on social media, and talked about with community change makers. And due to Ocreative’s work on this project, we also began work with INPEACE.

The goal of the e-book was to feature recipes to inspire by example and provide a framework to make resident engagement more authentic. Whether the reader was a connoisseur of resident engagement or a first-timer, the recipes demonstrated what was necessary to move an organization along with a continuum of engagement from providers of programs and services to more effective change agents.

The whitepaper had a “breaking bread” theme that emphasized organizations sharing recipes for success, so we expanded on that and designed a colorful e-book filled with photos and videos from the organization.

We also designed infographics using a wheat motif to highlight ingredients in each of the six recipes that featured client-provided copy from the whitepaper, with each recipe focused on the three key ingredients: transactions, practice, and authenticity.

Each recipe represents an opportunity for neighborhood revitalization and concrete steps that explain the (1) ingredients needed to authenticate resident engagement, (2) directions to implement the initiative, and (3) videos that showcase those initiatives in more detail.

Ocreative developed the e-book about invested software specifically for creating e-books. The e-book is responsive, making it friendly for desktops and mobile devices.

View the full e-book here


About the Client

UNCA was a national nonprofit, membership-based organization composed of nearly 150 neighborhood centers throughout the country. The Alliance for Children and Families was a 102-year-old organization that represented, supported, and connected hundreds of nonprofit organizations serving children, adults, and families in need. UNCA and the Alliance, two national organizations with a history of collaboration, combined their memberships in January 2014 to create a new organization called the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities.