We would love to help every business we meet with its marketing efforts, large or small. But we understand Ocreative will not be the right fit for everyone. We also want to be your trusted adviser and marketing comrade, not a transactional supplier.

  • We provide value and promote long-standing, mutually beneficial relationships by supporting our clients through strategic thought leadership and creative execution.
  • Due to the depth and commitment of our relationships, we engage a limited number of clients.
  • Our minimum initial engagement is $2,500.
  • Our minimum annual level of client engagement is $10,000 in agency fees, with most clients generally spending $15,000 to $50,000.
  • We charge a fee for our services that are agreed upon in advance.
  • We mark up outside goods and services by 20 percent to cover our management process and to ensure that all elements meet your specifications.


Understanding fees

Please chat with us about your specific project, and we will develop a proposal of fees for your marketing initiatives. Some clients tell us, “I think we can put together $8,000 for this initiative.” This helps us to propose solutions to maximize that budget. Some clients may already have some ideas but may not know what is reasonable to accomplish within their budgets. In such cases, we chat with clients about what they are trying to achieve and discuss options; then we present a proposal for review.

We understand being flexible. As we consider cost, time, and features, we gain an understanding of the company’s priorities. We’ll work with you so you understand how choices on features will affect cost and timelines of marketing initiatives. We want to make sure that you understand what you’re getting and that we understand your priorities for the desired initiatives. We appreciate knowing if an initiative is deadline-driven or has a flexible publishing date before beginning so we can ensure that we are allocating the proper resources to succeed.


Working on retainer with Ocreative

The major benefit to having Ocreative on retainer is that you have guaranteed access to a set of hours. We prefer monthly retainers because it allows us to dedicate hours to your company each month. This type of partnership also encourages our clients to call with strategic marketing questions. And each month we send you an invoice that lists four items: the next month’s fee, a summary of the current month’s accomplishments, any overages from the previous month, and out-of-pocket expenses that have been pre-approved.


Final artwork files

We follow the ethical and professional standards recommended by the AIGA and the Graphic Arts Guild Handbook of Ethical Guidelines. Read how we approach final art files

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