At Ocreative, we follow the ethical and professional standards recommended by AIGA and the Graphic Arts Guild Handbook of Ethical Guidelines. Art files remain our property as the creators, and the client generally purchases the one-time reproduction rights.

If you buy a cake from a bakery, you are paying for the end result, which is the delicious cake. You wouldn’t expect that the baker also hand over the recipe and the pan it was baked in at no charge, would you? This is the metaphor we use to help clients understand how we view our final artwork files.

What are the fees for?

Our fees are for the finished, high-quality, press-ready PDFs (or final files) given directly to the client or printer. The project files are not included in our fees, and they rarely leave our studio. This includes layered Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and any other software that we used to create files. If clients wish to purchase the project files, an additional fee would apply that is a minimum of $1,000 or 25 percent of the total project fee, whichever is greater.

Why is there a fee?

We’re glad you asked . . . . Layered art can also include exclusive fonts, and clients would have to purchase a license to use that font on their computers. In addition, there are usage/license rights for the photography, illustrations, and plugins that are licensed to our studio for use on a particular project. All of these reasons further support why the originals are not shared without an additional fee. Thus, if clients were to purchase the project files, they would also be responsible for purchasing the appropriate rights or licenses for the fonts, photos, illustrations, and plugins used.


We promise to deliver high-quality final art files to our client’s satisfaction.

If you have any questions about how we handle the rights to final art files, please contact us at 262-563-1800 or in an email.