Andrea Koeppel
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International Color Marketing Group

International Color Marketing Group
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Brand and product color consulting services for companies and organizations.

Companies work with Ocreative to discover the right color to convey their brand and product message. We interview our clients and discuss in detail their directives and goals. Based on our conversation, we will study the nuances, meanings, and undertones in each color swatch. We then select the most appropriate color palette combination for your brand or product.

To achieve color consistency for your brand across print and digital media, we use Pantone as the color standard. Pantone is an International color leader who has held color integrity in the highest regard while standardizing and defining color so that it is communicated consistently across various applications. We communicate using physical color swatch samples to ensure that the color we are speaking about is the same color we are showing to our clients, eliminating the variances created by computer monitors.

We’ll explore color psychology and communicate how the chosen colors will affect the audience and write a detailed rationale to communicate our selections. The rationale for selected colors is important for buy-in as well as to serve as a reminder as to why a particular color or palette was chosen and the message(s) it sends.

Color differentiates a brand.
Color standards ensure integrity.

Color recognition provides an instant connection to the brand. In fact, the target audience instantly recognizes a particular color on promotional materials, signage, and packaging even before reading a single word. Using color standards, the brand color integrity remains consistent across applications such as digital, print, textiles and plastics.

Whether a company is new or established and looking to expand its brand, clients turn to our color expert to develop appropriate color palettes that appeal to the targeted audience.

As the founder of Ocreative and certified color expert, Andrea Koeppel melds her artistic sensibilities, years of experience, and formal color and graphic design education to provide expert color direction and exceptional customer service. In fact, she was trained in color by one of the most influential experts in the world of color – the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman.

 Brands consult Ocreative for:

• Brand color and palette selection to support the brand’s identity
• Color rationale supported by color psychology to ensure the correct message is being sent to the audience
• Product color palette development
• Brand color standards to ensure consistency throughout the supply chain
• Review and evaluation of existing color palettes
• Color consultations
• Strategic planning of color placement
• Guidance on materials and finishes

Call Ocreative today at 262-563-1800 or email us about your color project using the form below. Our color consultant will get back to you right away.

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