A company brand is the whole enchilada, the whole caboodle, the whole ball of wax, the whole shebang–you get the idea . . . It’s everything!

At Ocreative, we’ve been strategizing and developing brand identities, the look and feel of a business, for years. With all that brand experience under our belt, we’ve identified the name of our clients’ businesses and products, created logos using our proven design methods, and developed engaging slogans. Our certified color expert has identified a brand color palette to appeal to the target customer. Plus, we’ve designed the collateral and interactive pieces for the business in a consistent and recognizable manner. It’s like yin and yang—the other side of the brand includes the meaningful connections, engaging experiences, and results delivered to customers.

We design integrated marketing solutions for your brand— whether you are established or just starting—by mixing our experience and industry expertise with brand strategy, key message strategy, and a profusion of creative excellence.

Brand Messaging Brand Strategy & Messaging

You may be an expert in your field, but do you know how to engage efficiently with your audience to gain trust, confidence, and loyalty? We will help identify your brand’s story, identify who you are selling to (your target audience), outline key messages to speak to each audience, identify potential talking points, and address both good and bad language to use to reinforce your brand values.

Communication StategyCommunication Strategy

Once you determine what to say to your audience, do you know how to carry out that communication effectively? With our expertise in print, digital, and social media marketing, we will create a communications strategy to generate the reaction you want for your brand.

Business NamingNaming

Choosing the right name for your business or product line is the most important decision you will make before you start marketing it. Ocreative takes this process seriously, and through research, brainstorming sessions, and planning, we will find the right name for your business. And if you wish to protect your business name, we have trusted resources that specialize in trademark protection.


Expert Color ConsultationExpert Color Consultation

Ocreative has designed dynamic color palettes for many businesses and organizations. Andrea is our certified color expert, selecting the most appropriate color palettes that appeal to the targeted audience. Through our color expertise, colors will be chosen, and rationale developed to support each color palette option.

Logo and Identity BrandingLogo & Identity Development

Developing a mark that reflects your brand’s values and personality is a process that takes considerable creativity and finesse. Ocreative ranks and sorts your branding values and explores graphic elements that will punctuate the desired position of your brand. We’ll create the mark and supplementary graphics within the brand budget.

Brand Identity StandardsBrand Identity Standards Manual

You’ve invested in your brand identity, so we’ll produce a solid brand identity standards guide that includes a hard copy of the official logo and identity artwork. Within the standards guide manual, the brand is examined, and the following items are outlined, at a minimum: brand colors (Pantone, CMYK, and web numbers), brand typefaces, acceptable size usage of the logo and graphics, and identify the logo’s relationships to other graphics. It is with these guidelines that a business secures a baseline so that future marketing is developed in a consistently top-quality manner.

We would love to work with you on strategizing and developing your brand. Let’s chat